Deaf Hook-Up Connection: An Evening with Don Blackman

donb4.jpgOf course you know Den Gale Pose! You know “Flere Ho’s” the track, the lyrics, etc. – But do you know Don Blackman? The true creator and brain behind the stunning sample that have been a kickstarter for many hip-hop acts outthere.

The year is 1982, the artist Don Blackman, the track “Holding You, Loving You” from the selftitled album “Don Blackman” (keyboard is his game). Incredibly enough, “Holding You, Loving You” was first sampled by our very own DGP and if one have to honest, DGP has until now made the best use of it. donb2.jpgHowever, as said, many artists have since then used “Holding You, Loving You” among others Master P for the track “What The Game Made Me”. “Haboglabotribin”, which was written by Don for Bernard Wright was sampled by Snoop Doggy Dog’s “Hustlers N’ G’s”. So, as you can see, Don has been paying his dues to the new generation of musicians.

It’s not everyday Don throws up a concert, actually this was the first time in 5 years Don travelled cross-ocean to play for his European funkateers. So obviously, I had no doubts in going to London to check out my main-man LIVE & DIRECT!!!

donb1.jpgSo, let me take you to the stage for what I believe was the ultimate FUNK-concert.
The year is 2001. The date 24th of February. The scene: The Famous “JazzCafé” in London

Of course, everybody wanted (demanded) the songs from his fantastic 1982 solo-album, and we got them ALL!!! On Don’s mark, the band hit right into “Yabba Dabba Doo”, which was delivered with such power that it teared the roof off from the very start.
By the end of the tune EVERYBODY was singing the hookline: “Get up, dance, dance the groove, get up and dance the boogie”! We got a hard-hitting solo from the guitarist and the track ended in yet another jam with Don keepin’ his band tight and ON THE ONE.

After this close encounter, it was time to bring the pace a little down. And what would be more convenient than “Holding You, Loving You” as Don went to the acoustic piano? The track was, because of the massive crowd response, delivered 2 times – according to Don this was the first time ever he had experienced this. But after all, “Holding You, Loving You” IS the one of the most acclaimed songs from his album. And the audience went wild once the beat got going.

donb5.jpgOnce the funk got going, it wouldn’t stop! “Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide” had hardly blown our minds before Don and his band went back to 1981 and hit us all with the groove monster: “Haboglabotribin'”. This song Don wrote for Bernard Wright and his 1981-album “‘Nard” – a real cartoonish funk track. “Awwwwwww, Take A Ride, Take A Ride!!!!” – Don rapping along the nasty, funky beat. That night The Mothership landed in the JazzCafé with “Captain Keyboards” at the wheel. Reminiscing over his days jammin with Parliament/Funkadelic, Don and his shipmates took off with “The Mothership Connection”, laying down some nasty, nasty beats.

It was the perfect ending of a perfect concert. With the thickest jam of 2001 the concert ended and left everybody behind, stunned – while The Mothership warped back to Planet Funk or Jamaica, N.Y. if you will…

“We salute you mr.Blackman”!! www.donblackman.com

An Evening with Don Blackman at The JazzCafé, London – February 24, 2001
the OnPoint factor:
Going abroad was definitely all worth the effort.
entertaintment value:
Who’s the man?!!! – think ya’ll know.

undercover to find but once you’re there you’re kickin’.
Fabulous DJs – and some great bar prices ;-)
street cred.:
BO!BO!” say hustlers n’ g’s? The rudeboys were all over.
set af:
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7 x = On Point!
3 x = Nice Shot

6 x = Almost Bulls Eye
2 x = Target Practice

5 x = Heavy Hitter
1 x = Not Even Close

4 x = Hit Potential
1 x = Greatest Miss

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