Vind en udgivelse på Stones Throw via app

StonesThrow_AIAIAI_WorldPremiereFilm2For godt et halvt Ã¥r siden, slog det legendariske pladeselskab Stones Throw pjalterne sammen med den danske hovedtelefonproducent AIAIAI. Ud af dette samarbejde kom en særudgave af AIAIAIs klassiske og prisvindende TMA-1 hovedtelefon. I trÃ¥d med dette samarbejde lancerer Stones Throw i fællesskab med AIAIAI nu en konkurrence, hvor du har mulighed for at blive udgivet pÃ¥ Peanut Butter Wolfs Stones Throw. Hvordan deltager du? Klik videre for at blive klogere…

Konkurrencen bliver beskrevet sÃ¥ledes – “Ideen er simpel. Man downloader en iPhone app og rapper over beatet. Derefter kan man uploade det til konkurrencen, hvis man er tilfreds. Peanut Butter Wolf lytter til alle bidrag og vinderen bliver udgivet pÃ¥ Stones Throw.

Og fra pressemeddelsen pÃ¥ engelsk –

New app lets you be the rapper on a legendary Stones Throw release, by using your headphones.

Building on their recent headphone collaboration, AIAIAI and Stones Throw asked themselves ‘”What if the microphone in your headset could be used for something more creative than just speaking on the phone?”’

AIAIAI & Stones Throw Records are inviting you to rap over the first ever Stones Throw release ‘My World Premiere’ by Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf.

The track is there and the release date is set. The only thing missing is you. Simply download the iPhone app with the classic beat, record your rhyme and upload it directly to the ‘World Premiere Rap Mic Contest’ website. Label boss Peanut Butter Wolf will choose the winner and press up the winning recording on a 7” vinyl record.


About the project

When the audio brand AIAIAI and record label Stones Throw teamed up to make a special edition of the TMA-1 headphone, one line from the label’s inaugural release ‘My World Premiere’ suddenly stood out ‘When I didn’t have a mic, I rapped on headphones’

The line gave the collaboration a greater sense of purpose and inspired the two partners to further develop the concept into the Rap Mic Contest. As the label says, “For us the line was a rallying cry to make music however you can. We still feel the same way today, and that’s why we now want to hear your World Premiere”.

Deltag i konkurrencen her.

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