Review by Konscious-V

Finally we are treated to a 12" single with punchline rhymer Kashal-Tee headlining. The Swedish peeps seem to enjoy a love/hate relationship with this guy, presumably due to his self confident posts on the Internet. But when it comes to laying vocals on track, no one can contest that Kash is an mc who got it locked - "belie' dat!"

For those of you who still aren't familiar with Kashal-Tee's style of rhyming, check the backcatalogue or cruise to hiphopinfinity.com and peep the soundfiles. However, the only other accessible vinyl item you might be lucky to find here in Denmark is a guest appearance on Loop Troop's "From Beyond K-Line" 12" from 1998. In Sweden Kash has been featured on several releases and even one American (Double Helix album).

Kashal-Tee is a punchline mc and seems to emphasize this in every line in every verse he spits. Furthermore, as one of few Europeans, he gets respect from American mcs and is obviously more than equal to many of them.

In case you're wondering why the hell I'm writing this English written review on a strictly Danish website, it's done so that the artist himself understands it properly. The Swedes DO seem a bit lost when it comes to the Danish language! Furthermore, the "Emasculation" 12" is being put out by Bomb Denmark Records which in fact makes it a Danish release! So there you have it, now let's get down to the raw tracks...

1. "Emasculation" (Judge remix)

Things jump off with a remix by unknown Swedish producer Dj Judge. The track starts off with a funny piece of advice on what to do if the nuclear bomb drops... "duck and cover!"

Then a boomin' drum track sets in with an atmosphearic backdrop... really nice and excellently mixed and mastered! My favorite production on the record.

On the vocal side Sankofa aka. The Nowhere Man, a well known lyricist from the days when peeps was checking for the lyrics board at DaveyD.com, spars with Kash and the producer even samples a piece of Sankofa's verse for the hook. Clever clever...

Sankofa is very eloquent and truly impresses by constructing nothing but multi syllabic rhymes. Some of it goes over your head the first time and demands a closer listen making you appreciate it properly!

Kash's style on the other hand is to drop heavy clever punches easy to understand right away. He furthermore uses his voice in a more controlled manor than Sankofa, probably due to his shorter lines (Sankofa packs words tighter than "vakuum kaffe fra Irma!"). A really nice balance between the two!

Punchlines come a plenty like:

"Kash is servin' a master version/while you pick your nose like Janet Jackson at a plastic surgeon"

"Stepping to me is waiting to die like folks in a nursing home!"

"I'm so fat I'm Joey Crack's body double"

Furthermore Kash seems to have some form of beef with one half of the now broken up group Artifacts:

"I'm a wild motherfucker/you're nothing but a Tame One"

... Hmmm... Looks like he might be going for some Canibus/Cool-J type conflict, let's see what happens if Tame One should hear the track.


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