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My info:

Ball Year Of Birth: 1976
Ball City And Country:
Frederiksberg, near the heart of Copenhagen (capital of Denmark, Europe)
Ball Occupation:
In June '97 I completed my 2 year marketing studies at "Handelsskolen i Ballerup" and in April '98 I ended my mandatory military training in the Royal Danish Air Force. In 2000 I received my second diploma and can know add the titles "New Media Manager" and "Market Economist" to my resume. Right now I'm working at Dansk RegnskabsAnalyse which is all good.

Ball Hip-Hop Background:
As a shorty back in '83-'84 I jumped on the breaking bandwaggon like most other kids around my way. It wasn't until '87 before I really began listening to rap music and I attended my first concert the year after in '88 when RUN DMC, PUBLIC ENEMY, and DEREK B. performed together in Copenhagen. Today the hip-hop culture is still a very important part of my life, which is why I maintain the largest and most popular Danish website with information on the scene here. In March '98 my Danish rap crew - FunkLogen (The Funk Lodge) - released a 6 track promo cd in the Danish underground. Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on a US/English rap project with my man Azerel under the group name of Urban Broadcast featuring a host of skilled Danish artists. It should be out at the end of 2001 on vinyl and cd. I have written a couple of articles (concerning hip-hop in Denmark) for the English magazine "The Downlow" and the (no longer existing) international section at - Here's a few of my not so recently updated hip-hop related Photos.

Read my review of the year 2000 12" single "Emasculation" by Kashal-Tee


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The 1997 Danish DMC Finals
(including many photos)

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ON POINT (concert dates in Denmark!)



Ball Wu-Tang Clan:
Ever since the arrival of Wu-Tang Clan's classic debut album "Enter The Wu-Tang... (36 Chambers)", I've been a dedicated fan of the New York based rap group. I am, however, not particularly pleased with some of the RZA's latest production work, because I believe his sound has become too "clean" and lacks the rough gritty aspect that made the first couple albums classics. One thing which has never changed is the way the members complement each other on the tracks, the ill original styles each member comes up with and the versatility in the squad lineup. Then, of course, the phat eerie beats created by the RZA, especially between ´92-´95. If only he hadn't lost those 300 beats in the floods as he once said in an interview (all beats for the solo albums were actually completed). I've been subscribing (via e-mail) to the U-WU newsletter by John Book for more than two years now and it's definitely the most thorough and fastest updated Wu-Tang source available ANYWHERE - plus it's free!

Ball My all-time favorite hip-hop artists:
Public Enemy, Jungle Brothers, Run-D.M.C., Gang Starr, Common Sense, Busta Rhymes, EPMD, (Eric B. &) Rakim, Redman, Lord Finesse, House Of Pain, Jeru The Damaja, Nas, Biggie (rip), O.C., Outkast, The Roots, Organized Konfusion, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre ("The Chronic"), M@lk De Koijn (Danish), Den Gale Pose (aka. Madness 4 Real) - and the list goes on...

I really like listening to almost all categories of music and I think it helps my creativity and musical perspective. Too many rap fans don't listen to other kinds of music which, too me, is a sign of weakness.

Ball Alternative Favorites:
Marvin Gaye, Boney M, James Brown, The JBs, Lonnie Smith, Booker T. & The M.G.'s, D'Angelo, Monica, Sly & The Family Stone, Goombay Dance Band, Erykah Badu, Kraftwerk, Michael Jackson, Barry White, Celine Dion. I like some house + drum and bass and I'm also a big fan of 80's pop music like: The Human League, Pet Shop Boys, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Johnny Hates Jazz, Duran Duran etc., but rap music and the hip-hop culture is where my heart's at... No question about that.

Hip-Hop Links:
The main spot where all i-net surfing should start has to be Davey D's Hip-Hop Corner where you can find trunkloads of articles, related links and discuss the culture with homeboys and flygirls across the globe (even though we all liked the old message boards better!).


Another highly recommended site is which is affiliated with The Rock Steady Crew and Zulu Nation!

I recommend you check out the following site with samples from all the latest dope tracks, unsigned artists + much more. It's called A similar site, which is most definitely up there with the greats is Tha Elements. It contains real audio freestyles, DJ sets and the latest releases + much more dopeness. The same goes for You should also check for Lyricist Mag. One of the more interesting crews at the moment is the Wannabattle squad, which among others consists of the group Mood.

If cheap records and independent hip-hop is your thang and you like listening to butta samples of new underground hits then check out Sandbox: Manhattan - Worldwide. They're also affiliated with the independent record label Fondle 'Em (soon to be r.i.p.!) and other important businesses. Peace and props to Bobbito for showing Denmark love!
Fondle 'Em Records


SHOUT-OUTS: T-Boot aka. Sentence, evenlittlestephen (Stef), AddVerse, Poet Of Nonsense (Daniel), Richard Helzel, Mr. Threetall, Amir "A-Bomb", Dave (Canada), Kate, DJ Greenpeace + Mike Lewis + Andrew Emery (Hip-Hop Connection & Fatlace), Jesta, Spin Doctor, Warren + the rest of London's wicked breakers, Kay-B, Mr Kaskot (Norway), The Lone Catalysts (my favorite underground group!), Mat-C (editor of "The Downlow Magazine"), DJ Supreme (of Hi-Jack), Jee Kim (88hiphop), B. Pope, The Mountain Brothers ("Self: Volume 1" is da bomb, fellas!), Brian (Stak Time Records), JaWar (Kemetic Records), Dabri (ICU founder), Cavebear, The ill-Literate, Outthere (Kat Klaw), PdoubleO, Sethro, Tha Illest, Frédérique (French vanilla), CL (Australia), Humberto (Brazil), Ripe (UK), Deech (Holland), Christian (Switzerland), rhymers, dj's, breakers, and painters worldwide + each and every mellow homeboy/girl who took time to check out my page.


Creative (The Boulevard Connection), PTA, Mult-Eye-MEE-Dia (aka. Orama), Kong Winther (Kongehuset), Michael "C.U.P.", GiRaffen, Per Vers + Langemand & DJ Møller (Sund Fornuft), DJ Hardflip & B-Phunk, Kone K, Anne Hvem?, Low Key, Maes (fume head!), JNS (Mek to tha fullest!), DJ Mugge Vejmand ("woarst" is cooking!) DJ Power (The Man Of The Hour!), Phëtter BR, McLunge, PLB, Self, Venus ("Tjeck" it out), Jøden, Kong Kret & Dejknægten (aka. SuparDejen), Maze, Kaos, Advokat C. Stærk, Repsak, Klaus "KØL" aka. Chill, A.M.E.N., Gemini, Detail, Merry Tee, Helt Sikkert Crew, DJ Knud & DJ Peder ("Sådan er det bare!"), the two turntable technicians: DJ Noize & DJ Typhoon, Ezi Cut. Finally, big up Peter Genild and the rest of the hardworking staff on "U-land" (#1 Danish radio).

LOCAL HOMIES: Azarel, Gregers, SupaDejen, CM, Dennis (aka. Canon), Duro-D, Jens (morfar), Mik-L, Nico, Högge (HCØ), Kristian (DTU), and Søren.

Finally a big whassup to my fellow recruits from team August '97 in The Royal Danish Airforce: Private K. Andersen (Ama'r in da hizzouse), Private M. Ohlsen (crazy militant) & Private Stærk (aka. Mr. Strong aka. Tony Starks) + the rest of the 1st Platoon...

Since August 17th, 1996 the number of true headz who kicked it in sizzling Copenhagen is