International Hip-Hop Sites:

note: I have only included the sites that offer information in English

Denmark (my country):

BOMB AUSTRALIA & BOMB DENMARK: a totally dope concept of hip-hop from Australia & Denmark. Highly recommended!

PTA's Hip Hop House of Horror: is the home of Funk Lodge member PTA, who presents you with his tribute pages to Kool Keith and Jeru The Damaja plus much more.

Nighthowlers Park: is Orama aka. Mult-Eye-Mee-Dia's project where he professionally explains about his home record company and the planned releases.

Uptown Kingdom: One of Denmark's phattest graf pages. It represents with photo's of walls, trains etc. plus a page with links to other graf sites around the world.

DJ Stig/Relate's homepage: A Danish DJ who writes about his own projects and about turntablism in general. Very informative page with phat interviews.

Sniff County: Much like Uptown Kingdom represents the Danish graf scene to the fullest. Pure butta!

Da Aerosol Art Squad: offers some dope graf drawings and is maintained by 88 Ball.

Wild Style: is NOT Fab 5 Freddy's official fanpage, but a phat Danish page on fumes!

Urban Decay (DK): contains a tasteful gallery and a wisdom bringing library, both with the topic graffiti!

Tha Cabby Hip-Hop Homepage: is run by Kay-B who recently spent some time in the US.

The Danish Hip Hop Lyrics Site: is the biggest and most impressive archive of Danish rap lyrics typed and maintained by Tlaloc.


DJ Zone: proclaim to be "Stockholm's finest" and you might just have to agree when you experience it! Contains many real audio files of Swedish rappers tearing it up + more...

Headz Are Checkin: is a phat page by my Swedish connection T-Boot aka. Sentence. He's got all types of funky ish on there so check it out.

Street Zone Street Zone: is the most extensive Swedish hip-hop site on the net. You can find news + tons of ol' skool and Swedish hip-hop samples. The site is maintained by Broadcaster D.

S-W-E: has materialized due to the team work of Cavebear and Kashal-Tee who bring you news, views, discussion board and more. Lovely page.

The Unofficial Skauglaund Page: is presented by a 20-year old Swede, who puts his record collection on display and offers some dope links to different hip-hop pages on da net.

021 Town: contains graffiti from westarose (sweden), jam-pics (looptroop), Swedish underground soundclips and soon information on jams and concerts throughout Europe.


Hide Presents Hip Hop: is the Norwegian hip-hop scene on-line! Check it out.

L.A.'s The Place: is a hip-hop site dedicated to the West Coast scene. Maintained by Mr Kaskot.

Official Lowlife Homepage: covers a lot of graffiti from the Lowlife crew and basically represents Norway's graf scene.

Norway Graf: is probably the more official Norwegian graf site with photo's of walls, trains etc. It's all good.

J-one's hiphop heaven: is a spot with a freestyle page, links and more.


Flat 4: contains tons of interesting information on French and British rap.

The Netherlands (Holland):

Phat! Amsterdam: there's no turning back! This is the ULTIMATE link collection of European hip-hop/jungle/triphop sites! Make sure you have plenty of free access time before checking it out!

Da Page: contains "Hip Hop views from Da Lowlands" better known as Holland. Peep "Da Trade Corner" - a place for exchanging mixtapes and everything else in relation to hip-hop. There is also an interesting page with links to Dutch graf sites etc.


The Italian Scene: is represented lovely on this website with soundclips etc. Check it out or get payed a visit by the mob!


Guer1's Undaground Rapp Page: is focused on rap music from The Bay and Down South. Very dope page with lots of real audio clips.

Finland Hip Hop Underground: Invites you to check out the Finish hip-hop scene with plenty of soundsamples and pictures.


TransRap - global rap & hip-hop: contains hip-hop links from an incredible amount of different countries all over the World. This site shouldn't be missed!

If you know of any good international hip-hop sites not on this list, then please send me the URL's ... one love